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Interlocking Samurai Tessellation Pattern

SAMURAI SCRAP by Seth Bareiss

Bowtie shapes tessellate. I've seen bowties used for tessellations of bowties, ghosts, fish, and a few other motifs.

About 6 years ago, I was living in Japan and thought "Hmmm... those Samurai clothing has big rigid shoulders and pointy ponytials ("chonmage", in Japanese). Their clothes flair out at the bottom. If I tuck their arms in, they're easily tessellated." Beyond that, I thought that their feet would be in wooden sandals called "geta", and the little wooden stilt treads on geta would fit nicely into wrinkles in the cloth on their shoulders.

That's where this scrap of an idea originated. As you can see, I haven't bothered to make it into a nice respectable-looking drawing. Perhaps you'd like to try... or to make an original tessellation. If you do, please let us know and perhaps we'll post a picture of your effort on

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