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tessellation of partridge in a pear tree

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Partridges in a pear tree?
by Seth Bareiss (c) September 20, 2013

It's debatable whether this is a tessellation at all. It fits together without gaps or overlaps, and completely fills a 2D plane, so in a sense it's a tessellation. However, all the "tiles" (repeating shapes) are solidly linked together, so they are one solid tile that can be rcontinued in any direction by repeating its parts. There are TWO, not one, repeating parts: two-thirds of the birds sit on a branch with a leaf that starts directly under the bird's tail. One-third of the birds-- the lightest-colored birds-- sit on a branch where the leaf starts at a small distance fron the tail. I could have made them all identical, but this would've been artistically unsatisfying and untrue to the way branches look, because it'd force the intersections of branches to be unnaturally bulky... like fat triangles instead of narrow Y-shaped forks.