gallery of m. c. escher style boat motif symmetrical tiling pattern art

Tessellation B: letter theme tessellation art

"Tessellation B"

This is one of a series of ambigrams, tessellations, and ambigram tessellations I've done of friends' initials. In this case, BB is for Bruce Bilney, the Australian tessellation artist. This is a tessellation because it divides a 2D plane without gaps or overlaps, but it's not an ambigram because it doesn't look like letters when viewed right-to-left or uspide-down.

I'm turning most of these ABC-themed tessellations and ambigrams into rubber stamps. I'm doing this using recycled medicine bottles or bottle caps, double-sided tape, a stamp pad, a sheet of foam, and scissors. I'll write this up as an easy project lesson, later. ~~ Webmaster Sethness, September 2013

Heesch type = TTTT