Do-It-Yourself Rubber Stamp Project

2. Draw a Design that Fits on the Bottle Cap

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sketch your design

Trace the circular outline of the bottle cap. This will help you "stay within the lines" as you sketch your design. Your design must fit inside the bottle cap's outline.

Draw a design that you'd like to have on a rubber stamp. In the photo above, the design on the left is too thin. The other designs are good examples, if they fit within the outline of your bottle cap. The JF and JP designs are also "ambigrams". An ambigram is letters that look the same upside-down...or backwards...or which spell a completely different word when we see them upside-down or backwards. You can do any design you want... your initials, or an animal, or a star or moon or rocket or flower or tessellation or ambigram.

What will you make?