DIY turtle tessellation print-and-fold papercraft octahedron Tessellations in real materials like papercraft, sculpted clay, wood, ceramics, lego bricks, cookies... tessellation art from the Make-A-Fish Foundation

Real materials 33:

A do-it-yourself print-and-fold tessellation of 60 sea horses on the exterior of a 12-sided platonic solid, a dodecahedron. This pattern by Webmaster Seth is a slight reworking of an original 6-seahorse hexagonal tessellation by Australian tessellation artist Bruce Bilney.

diy seahorse tessellation papercraft dodecahedron
8.5x11" JPEG
Coloring Book (Outlines Only) Version
8.5x11" PDF
Coloring Book (Outlines Only) Version


  1. Download one of the patterns, in JPEG or PDF format. Print it out 12 times on stiff paper or thin cardboard-- whichever won't wreck your printer. Make sure that the printing hasn't changed the heigh-to-width proportions: all the triangles are equilateral, meaning that their sides are all equal length.

  2. Decorate all (12x5=) 60 seahorses. Use crayons, gel pens, paint, magic markers...whatever. Don't decorate the gray seahorse head shaped areas.

  3. Cut out the 12 pentagons as shown above. Leave the decorated seahorse heads AND the gray undecorated seahorse heads still attached to the pentagons. Your scissors go around the outermost lines only. Try not to think about the horse head in the Godfather movies.

  4. Fold those decorated seahorse heads along the light gray pentagon outlines, and then unfold them.

  5. Apply glue or paste or double-sided tape to the gray areas. Some glues and pastes work better if you also put glue or past on the underside of the decorated horseheads, let them dry a little, and then...

  6. Press the seahorse heads of neighboring pentagons onto those glue-covered gray areas.

  7. You should end up with a solid-looking paper sculpture that looks a little like a sphere. You should see 12 pentagon sides and 60 seamlessly connected seahorses.