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Escher type Tessellation Art Wooden Puzzle by Kevin Lee, from a pattern by Bruce Bilney

wooden laser-cut puzzle tessellation art made by Kevin Lee

This elephant-motif precision-cut wooden puzzle was made by American teacher / tessellation creation software writer Kevin Lee. Mr. Lee is, as of Spring 2012, writing his latest tessellation-art-creation software, which includes several sample tessellations such as Mr. Bilney's "Curlies" elephants.

As a teacher, Mr. Lee also has access to an underused precision laser cutter at his school. On a whim, he cut this wooden puzzle using Mr. Bilney's elephant theme, which Mr. Lee likes more than most tessellation patterns.

elephant motif Escher-style tessellation art by Bruce Bilney

As a surprise thank-you gift for letting Mr. Lee use this elephant pattern in his software, Mr. Lee sent this wooden puzzle to Mr. Bilney on February 20th, 2012. Below is the text of that letter. In the photo at right, notice that he's included two spare elephants, and given Bruce Bilney proper credit by burning Bruce's name into the puzzle. What a guy!

Kevin Lee wrote,

"Dear Bruce,

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the fun I have been having with your tessellating elephants. It is such a great design. It is one that i use often when I am showing off my software and it is fun to be able to say Bruce Bilney, a tessellation nut [sic] from Australia, created it.

I[t] turns out that there is a department in my school that has a laser cutter. I tweaked my software to generate files that could drive the cutter. I cut up four types of weed and then I mixed up the pieces to get four of these wooden pieces. In your case the border is out [of] butternut, the dark elephants are walnut, and the other elephants are cherry and oak. I should mention that on the first set I had the tails too thin and I ended up with sixteen more elephants with their tails burnt off.

Thanks again for letting me use your design.


Kevin Lee

Heesch type = TCCTCC