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Real materials 19:
Escher type Tessellation Art done outdoors on an obliging road

sidewalk chalk tessellation art by Negina Kolesar

This horse-motif tessellation in chalk is by artist/art teacher Negina Kolesar.

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Click here to see more photos from the chalk art festival where Ms. Kolesar's tessellation appeared. Some of it's pretty amazing! Current Round Rock, Texas' "chalk walks" have a website of their own-- check'em out here.

Negina writes,

"The Round Rock Area Art Council in collaboration with Children At Heart Ministries led an art and music festival in Round Rock, TX on October 8 & 9. I participated as an artist in the first ever Chalk Walk portion of the event. I started with an equilateral triangle and used's slice method to create my do-it-yourself tessellation template, which I then traced to create my chalk tessellation. I prefer using a triangle to a square or rectangle because of the way it creates a rounded pattern instead of a grid. I also made sure to extend a few of the shapes beyond the main bulk to draw attention to the individual pattern.

"It was competitive[...] There really was some amazing talent out there. If you look back to the pics, first place was awarded to the drawing of two little black girls. Second place went to the ball, glove, hat pic. Third place accidentally, temporarily went to the American Gothic chalk drawing of Captain Jack Sparrow. Since the artist who drew the Jack Sparrow drawing was one of the organizers for this event, the rules didn't permit that artist to win a prize. So, the third prize was passed along to the 4th place winner, the artist who drew a chalk sketch of a woman removing her mask."

-- Seth B., 2011.01.03

Heesch type = CC6C6

sidewalk chalk tessellation art by Negina Kolesar

sidewalk chalk tessellation art by Negina Kolesar