12 sided 3D print-and-assemble dodecahedron 5 clown motif Escher-style tessellation Gallery: Tessellations in Real Materials like wood, clay, and chalk Escher-style tessellation art on the surface of a dodecahedron platonic solid made from paper or cardboard, with a 5 cat theme

Real materials 16:
Ceramic "Penrose Tiling"

penrose tessellation: symmetric tiling pattern of ceramic tiles

Dick Walton, his wife Susan Newell, and their friend James Morrison of Billings, Montana, made this amazing ceramic kitchen floor in 2002.

Dick says, "We made our kitchen floor of homemade ceramic tiles in a "Penrose Tiling" pattern. The floor was inspired by Martin Gardner's cover article in the January 1977 issue of Scientific American magazine.

"A potter friend, Jim Morrison of Cold Mountain Pottery (dot com), made several molds from my cardboard patterns for the two tile shapes. Over a period of several months I made about 1,300 tiles one at a time with the molds. Jim then glazed (two different glazes) and fired them in his kiln. Due to the homemade / handmade characteristics, including firing in many batches without perfect temperature control, the tile color varies.

"Susan arranged the tiles so similar toned tiles were together.

"Laying the tiles was an interesting challenge. The lightest colored "circle" in the top center is actually the center of the pattern which has perfect fivefold rotation symmetry about that point - only.

"There is one minor mistake in the pattern. We challenge viewers to find it."