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housing estate that tessellates

Mazlin Ghazali has a novel idea for laying out houses on estates in the form of tessellations!

Mazlin states 'In tessellation layouts, all houses are in a sort of cul-de-sac: the houses are arranged around a courtyard like friends sitting around a table. Having no through roads improves land-use efficiency, and makes the place safer and more private.

'People like to live in cul-de-sacs. According to an American study by Eran Joseph in 1995, between the 'grid', 'loops' and cul-de-sacs, the latter were the most popular. In Malaysia, a developing country with per capita income a quarter of that in the US, only the rich can afford to live in a single-family house located in a cul-de-sac. How can the cul-de-sac be made affordable for more people?'

While strictly speaking, these are plans and ideas and not yet 'real material', we think they deserve an inclusion here.

You can see more plans and ideas at his blog site here