Sea and Sky (Dolphins and Herons) Gallery: Tessellations in Real Materials like wood, clay, and chalk Tessellation in Real Materials: Mazlin Ghazali's tessellated neighborhood

Real materials 12:
Phil Allin's Reproduction of
Escher's "Sun & Moon"

Phil Allin's woodcarving of Escher's 'Sky and Water 1'

Guest artist Phil Allin is an avid woodcarver. He's done a number of pieces based on M. C. Escher's tessellations and trick-perspective pieces. Our "real materials" gallery includes four pieces by Mr. Allin.

Allin tells us:
This tessellation of 28 birds is based on Escher's "Sun and Moon." The original was a four color woodcut with the sun superimposed on the light colored birds and a crescent moon and stars on the dark colored birds. Converting the design to a bas-relief precluded adding the sun, moon and stars. The dark birds are "on top" at the upper edge, but below the light birds at the bottom, so the surface planes of the dark and light birds cross in the middle. This piece (16 inches x 15 inches) is somewhat larger than Escher's original (11 inches x 10 inches).