Phil Allin's woodcarving of Escher's "Metamorphose II" Gallery: Tessellations in Real Materials like wood, clay, and chalk Sea and Sky (Dolphins and Herons)

Real materials 10:
Bas Relief Woodcarving (2002) by Phil Allin based on "Symmetry Drawing C" by M C Escher

Redwood woodcarving by Phil Allin, based on M. C. Eschers Symmetry Drawing C

Phil Allin tells us,
"This is a large wall decoration (7-1/2 ft x 4 ft) carved in redwood based on Escher's "Symmetry Drawing C". It's built up from four 2 inch x 12 inch redwood boards and reinforced across the back with three-fourths inch x 4 inch strips. I stained the dark figures with walnut stain and used a white wash on the light figures. It was done in 2002."

You can see the original Escher drawing on which this (excellent) woodcarving is based at The specific drawing is this piece. It's not labeled, but the resemblance is unmistakeable.

Interestingly, Allin's work seems to be a slight improvement on Escher's design: Allin has removed the harshness of the points at the "elbows" of the wings and at the crests of the birds' heads.