P. Allin's carving of Escher's "Sky & Water I" Gallery: Tessellations in Real Materials like wood, clay, and chalk Woodcarving (2002) by Phil Allin based on "Symmetry Drawing C" by M C Escher

Real materials 9:
Phil Allin's woodcarving of M. C. Escher's "Metamorphose II" (1940)

Phil Allin's woodcarving of Eschers 12 birds tessellation (1940)

Based on a small portion of Escher's "Metamorphose II", "12 Birds" is carved from basswood (linden wood), then painted.

Notice how Mr. Allin has ingeniously used stiff wires to attach the birds which are flying away at the edges.

Mr. Allin tells us:
"This piece is based on one of the many patterns in M. C. Escher's "Metamorphose II" (1940). The Escher piece is extremely large and complicated; Mr. Allin chose to depict twelve birds that can be seen near the center of Escher's piece.