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Real materials 7:
Cube Tessellation Art

tessellation art: a 3D cube made from Lego plastic bricks

Brendan Powell Smith is a plastic Lego™ bricks affectionado. He has made all sorts of models using Lego bricks - including a complete Christmas Crib - but he also makes tessellations! The idea can be seen from the picture on the right showing him holding a cube made up of six different tessellations.

You need an awful lot of bricks to construct a large picture (he uses headlight bricks part 4070), or he designs virtual ones on the computer using 'Ldraw', a free specialised CAD program for designing and recording Lego models.

To see a sampler of 30 patterns he's done, look at the bottom of this page. For more Lego models and information, visit his web site

A Sampler of Brendan Powell Smith's virtual Lego tessellations