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"Devil Ducks" Escher-style Tessellation Art

Duck theme bas relief 2D tessellation art

This tessellation in plaster is by artist/engineer R. S. Newall of New Zealand, known to his online friends as "HeyDoofus"..

To make this piece, he first carved a prototype of a single duck in wax. He then placed the wax version flat-side-down in a pan, and poured plaster on top to create a mold. Next, he removed the wax duck, lined the mold with plastic food wrap, and poured plaster-of-paris into the mold. Next, he placed a sheet of piece of plastic food wrap on top of the whole thing, turned it all upside-down (!) onto a flat surface, and pressed downward to ensure that the back of the new plaster duck was perfectly flat. Last, after carefully removing the new plaster duck from the mold, he repeated the process eight times and painted the group.

Mr. Newall's inspiration for 'Devil Ducks' can be seen here: Devil Ducks, Devil Ducks, and still more Devil Ducks.