gallery of symmetrical interlocking tiling pattern graffiti art

Minneapolis St. Paul, interlocking graffiti-style tessellation art

Minneapolis St. Paul
("Urban Silos")

Graffiti Tessellation Art by Rossi (Nick Sahli).
Colored pencil and ink on paper.

There're gaps in the M, S, A, P, and O, so this art does break the definition of a "tessellation". As a fusion between graffiti, typography, calligraphy, and tessellation, though, it should interest artists. Rossi has also reviewed a number of graffiti fonts for use in the future... fonts which look overinflated, thus pinching shut the gaps in those troublesome letters like A, g, P, O, and so on.

The emphasis of one "tile"-- one instance of "Las Vegas"-- above the others is not part of the original art.
The emphasis was added digitally by Seth Bareiss, webmaster of