gallery of symmetrical interlocking tiling pattern graffiti art

Miami Florida, interlocking graffiti-style tessellation art

("Tropical Deco")

Graffiti Tessellation Art by Rossi (Nick Sahli).
Colored pencil and ink on paper.

Rossi writes, "About the Miami piece--I wanted to take advantage of the already mirrored structure of the word. The tile is only "MIA" continued. Because of this, no matter what 'M' you start reading from, it continues on to read Miami. I was trying to be a little tricky :)"

There's a gap in the A, so this art does break the definition of a "tessellation". It's a clever bit of art anyway. Enjoy!

The emphasis of one "tile"-- one instance of "Miami"-- above the others is not part of the original art.
The emphasis was added digitally by Seth Bareiss, webmaster of