Easy Tessellation Lesson using Pencil and Tracing Paper
Step 6 of 16

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Tessellation Tutorial / Step 6

6. Trace many copies of the rectangle* from Page "A" to Page "C".

Young kids should probably use as few as 4 or 6 rectangles.

Use pencil and eraser, and draw lightly. Don't push hard with your pencil, OK?

Put Page "C" on top of Page "A". Start in a corner, and trace many linked rectangles onto Page "C". Look at the photo on this page. The right side of one rectangle* is the left side of another. The top of one rectangle* is the bottom of another. All the rectangles fit together perfectly. There is no gap...no space between the rectangles. This is important. Draw your rectangles this way.

Check your work. All the new rectangles* must look exactly like the rectangle* on Page "A".

Don't worry if you use the eraser many times. This step is not easy; even experts make mistakes here!

* A rectangle is easy, but any parallelogram is OK.