Easy Tessellation Lesson using Pencil and Tracing Paper
Step 5 of 16

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Tessellation Tutorial / Step 5

5. Trace the rectangle* from Page "A" to Page "B".

Put Page "B" on top of Page "A". You can see the through the paper. You can see the rectangle* on Page "A".

Use a pencil to carefully draw the rectangle* on Page "B" while you look through Page "B". It's eeeeeeasy!

Don't worry about WHERE the rectangle* will be, on Page "B". I mean, if this new rectangle is in a different place on the page compared to the rectangle* on Page "A", that's OK.

Check your work. The new rectangle* must look exactly like the old rectangle*. Use a ruler and an angle measurer, if you want.

* A rectangle is easy, but any parallelogram is OK.