Easy Tessellation Lesson using Pencil and Tracing Paper
Step 14 of 16

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Tessellation Tutorial / Step 14

14. Tweak the shape.

Can you use the eraser and pencil to make the shape look MORE like the theme?

Remember: everything you change at the bottom, you must also change at the top. Likewise, everything you change on the left, you must also change on the right.

When you are finished tweaking the shape, check your accuracy. Are the tops and bottoms all exactly the same? Are the left sides and the right sides all the same? This is important.

Don't be surprised if this step is hard, and you use the eraser many times. Even experts think this step is not easy. Have fun!

After you're finished tweaking the shape, you can fill in the gaps between the rectangle and the shape. (Look at this photo. Do you see the pink gaps? Color them with any color except black or white.)

Note to Teachers: The coloring isn't strictly necessary. However, in the next step, it helps the artist easily distinguish between the shape on the top paper and the shape on the paper beneath. It also helps the artist quickly line up the rectangles on the two pages.