Easy Tessellation Lesson using Pencil and Tracing Paper
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Tessellation Tutorial / Step 13

13. Choose a theme.

I think the shape in the photo looks like a cat. What does the shape on your page look like? Anything is OK. Please don't copy my cat or rhino. Be original. Be inventive.

Here are some pictures by 9th graders who simply copied this picture, without experimenting. Sure, the result is a good looking cat tessellation, but wouldn't it be more exciting to try something new and original? Here are cats, cats, and more cats.

(Hint to teachers: Exotic, soft-edged, flexible and varied shapes are easiest. So, fish are easier than bicycles, baggy clothes and billowy hair are easier than tight-fitting clothes and short hair, and nonspecific birds are easier than a specific character like Donald Duck™. Here, read my fun essay about choosing a theme. It has lots of jokes and illustrations.)