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Guest School Gallery 4
Escher-style Art by Students of Art Teacher Karen Weber

in her 2010 4th Grade class at Saint Ignatius Loyola Regional School.
Saint Ignatius is a kindergarten-through-8th-grade Catholic school in Eastern Pennsylvania.

The 4th graders at St. Ignatius study tessellations.
The 4th grade teachers asked if they could create tessellations in art class as an interdisciplinary connection.
Of course it is natural to learn about tessellations in art! Below are some of the great results of Ms. Weber's lesson.

She writes that "Much of the information I shared with my students was gleaned from this website, tessellations.org. Thank you!"
Ummmm... we didn't pay her to say that. Really, truly, cross our hearts.

Ms. Weber based her lesson plan on "Papercut Method", a tutorial she found here at Tessellations.org.
I wonder if she knows that the Papercut Method tutorial was written by
a girl not much older than her students? Cool, huh!

Click your mouse on these small snippet pictures to see the large full pictures

  bird tessellation escher-style tiling tiling bird tessellation art by a child Happy Sad tessellation art Escher-style Tessellation Art: Kings' heads icecream tessellation  
  Green, Red, & Yellow Birds
by Jack
Blue and Red Birds
by Marie
Happy, Sad
by Miguel
Royal Kings
by Megan
by Molly
    Sailboat tessellation, Escher Style Art   Escher-style squirrel tessellation  
by Kristen
by Jessica
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