bacteria tessellation, art in M C Escher style by Kira Kuhlman, 2014
germ tessellation


by Kira K, January, 2014

This is what Kira wrote about her tessellation of bacteria (after I ran it twice through a spell checker):

"My art depicts psychedelic colored bacteria having a good time with one another, partying away through a kid's mouth on Halloween night. These bipolar little guys wander around in your mouth. They’re the reason for that funky aftertaste in your month. Their taste and color depend on what you eat."

Editor's note: Whoa. T.M.I., there, Kira! I feel queasy now, just thinking about your psychedelic bacteria.
I wonder: if I ate something polka-dot, plaid, or paisley, then what color would these party-animals in my mouth turn? What if I drink clear water?
~~Webmaster Seth

Kira also writes, "I used [vertical] reflection in my tessellation."

Editor's note: In general, when I review guest art to decide whether I'll post it on www.Tessellations.org, I'd like to see ..umm... .not just evidence that the artist has looked at the tile shape and decided "It looks like a..." but also evidence that the artist has TWEAKED that shape to make it look more like the theme. However, in this case the artist has chosen a theme that is so flexible that we can't really say how the outline could be changed to make the silhouette more closely resemble "psychedelic bacteria". In fact, I wrote an essay recommending that tessellation beginners choose easy, fun themes like bacteria, monsters, and so on.

Also, Kira notes that she used this YouTube tessellation tutorial video. Note that that method uses cardboard and scissors to make the basic tile. I'm exasperated to say that this that method doesn't allow the artist to TWEAK the outline. To me (the webmaster), TWEAKING the outline is a totally necessary step to making the artist comfortable with Escheresque tessellation, and proving to me that the artist has demonstrated a certain level of creativity and understanding of tessellation.