Guest Tessellation Art Gallery

yoda tessellation, art in M C Escher style
yoda and spaceship tessellation


by Braden White, January 2014

When Braden first submitted this tessellation, it was a tessellation of triangles, but the triangles that made up the spaces between the Yodas was sky blue, meaning that those spaces were sky... gaps. Tessellations, of course, are not allowed to have gaps or overlaps, so I asked Braden to turn those sky parts into something else.

Now, we have a true tessellation in every sense. Braden turned those sky "gaps" into skyrockets: neat retro-looking spaceships.

As a surprise bonus of Braden's piece, consider that the original Roman tessellations were big pictures made from little square tiles. Modern Escher-style tessellations make the tile the same size and shape as the picture they're making. Braden's tessellation does both: we can see the repeating yoda and repeating spaceship, but we can also see that each yoda and spaceship is made from smaller geometric shapes-- in this case triangles rather than the Roman tessellations' squares.