Guest Tessellation Art Gallery

escher style tessellation project by Australian math student Kailee G.
escher-style construction paper tessellation art project by a math student

by Michael Hodsdon

Webmaster's note: Michael Hodsdon, age 47, did this tessellation using methods very similar to mine. He also likes doing cartoon portraits; I do, too. His age, 47, is also similar to mine. We have sooo many similarities, although I wouldn't be caught dead with an electric guitar in my hands. No, that's not quite right. The truth is, I'd be MADE dead by angry music enthusiasts if I tried to play the electric guitar. Let's hope Michael plays music better than I do, or can at least run faster than I can. ~~Seth 9.2013

Michael writes:

"This is a self-portrait I just finished. It took me one evening to develop the shape, and about a half hour to paint it. I hope you like it! I figured it out with pencil and paper, then painted it really sloppily and fast in photoshop on a Wacom intuos 4.

"About 25 years ago I found a book at the library that explained things like rotation about vertices, mid-point rotation, translation and glide-translation. Before returning the book, I copied down the main basics. A few months back I found that sketchbook which led to me finding this website, I'm in the process of translating my sloppy notes into four basic diagrams. I'm attaching two here. Feel free to use them on your site if you think they'd be helpful to folks." Webmaster's note: Those two diagrams are shown below. The tessellation methods they describe are very similar to the tessellation art lessons we have here and here, so if you need more explanation to understand what Michael's talking about, click away and visit our do-it-yourself tessellation tutorials.
do-it-yourself tessellation lesson do-it-yourself tessellation lesson
"I've been an amateur cartoonist for several years but I took a portrait painting class last year. I'm trying to apply what I learned in that class to my cartoons. This tessellation was kind of a test. My plan is to take my time and develop a really cool one, then digitally paint it like a portrait."

michael hodsdon portrait of forrest whitaker
Webmaster's note: Above is Michael's excellent cartoon portrait of Forrest Whitaker. If you'd like to send him encouragement, compliments, or commissions Michael can be reached at