Guest Tessellation Art Gallery

escher style head tessellation art painting
escher-style tessellation art (acrylic painting) by Emmanuelle S. of the Netherlands

by Emmanuelle S. in the Netherlands

She writes, "I've made my first tessellation, following the paper cut method.

About the artwork: It is an acrylic painting on paper, 50 x 70 cm. I named it "Welcome to the Jungle" as it is a mix of human faces and animals (zebra, fish, crocodile, giraffe).

About me: I'm 34 year old French woman, painting during my free time, usually abstract. I wanted to try tessellation at least once as I do like the work of Escher, all the more as I am living in a city where there is an Escher museum (The Hague)."

Notice that the "tile" shape (that is, the shape that repeats) is a little more difficult than usual to identify in this painting than in most tessellations. This is because the artist chose to avoid strong outlines and strongly contrasting colors. Although strong outlines and flat, strongly contrasting colors are common in tessellations, and they DO help the audience understand the tessellation, I'm not sure they're always a good thing. They often make the tessellation look flat and childlike... or mass produced, like floor tiles. Through shadows and other techniques, we can make the tile shapes evident without hurting the liveliness of the art. ~~ Webmaster Sethness, August 26, 2013