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hare / bunny rabbit escher style tessellation art by TickleMeCthulu of
bunny rabbit tessellation art

A Rabbit Tessellation
by TickleMeCthulu of

TickleMeCthulu writes,

"This is my new and improved version of an old tessellation I had done.

"It is a Heesch Type 22 CCGG, otherwise known as a Double Glide. In Heesch terminology, there are 2 C(Center Pt Rotation) and 2 G(Glide Reflection) movements. Starting from a square tile, a C movement divides one side in half, with alterations in one half being mirrored in the other. The two instances here are 1) From the tip of the highest ear to the nose, and 2) from the nose to the front of the front foot. A G movement takes alterations to an entire side and mirrors them on an adjacent side. Most obvious here are the relationships between the ears and hind legs and between the tail and the negative space between the front and hind legs."

You can comment on or buy reprints of this rabbit tessellation at TickleMeCthulu's online gallery.