Guest Tessellation Art Gallery

'The Pirate of Useless Things' tessellation pattern art by Carlos Cortes
PIRATE motif tessellation art

A True Fan of Rugs
by Carlos Cortés

Mr. Cortés writes,

I recently started getting very interested in tessellations. I had no idea how to create one on my own and Google took me to your page. This is my very first tessellation, made using the Line Method 1 for 'how to make tessellations' presented on your site. I drew this in Corel Draw® using nothing more than the 'Freehand' tool.

The inspiration for this comes from a fictional story my girlfriend and I made up a couple of years ago. It is about a pirate who repeatedly steals worthless things. In this case, he's stolen a used rug. I guess if a name is required for the tessellation, I would pick something like: 'A true rug fan'.

I live in Mexico. I'm 20 and about to finish my bachelor's degree in Economics. Drawing and sketching has always been a hobby for me. My interest in tessellations woke up as I recently visited a temporary exhibition in the capital of my country presenting the original works of M.C. Escher. I'm entirely inspired by his work now.