Guest Tessellation Art Gallery

Interlocking cat & dog tessellation pattern art by Alper housepet tessellation art by A J Alper

"CATS & DOGS" by A J Alper

A J writes, "My 11 year-old son came home with a math project to create an image or a design using a combination of polygons. That was the moment to crack open my book about M. C. Escher, Visions of Symmetry, to introduce him to the magic world that has inspired me through the years. This book is fabulous and goes into great detail about the symmetry systems, described in Escher's own notebooks, which Escher used to create his work. It made me think that there might be a web tool that uses those systems. On the Net I found Escher Web Sketch, a Java-based applet that can use several different symmetries to help us create tessellation art.

My son has finished his assignment, but is still getting on Escher Web Sketch to play. It sure beats video games. Anyway, I used this tool as a starting point for the drawings I've submitted here."

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