Guest Tessellation Art Gallery

Bring Aloha Back tessellation by Luke Atay Aloha Spirit tesselation by Hawaii artist Luke Atay


Mr. Atay writes that he spent "Days...literally days staring at Escher's "Horseman" Slide-Reflection piece, trying to figure out where to begin. Luckily I stumbled on your site after almost throwing in the towel, and BOOM, revelation! Your descriptions were not only hilarious, but very insightful as well! I took your advice about pulling the character out, and how to fill space with baggy clothes and foreign objects etc. So here's my first, and certainly not last tessellation!"

It's a little hard to see in this half-sized reproduction of Mr. Atay's work, but can you see that the green signs in the arms of the right-facing characters say "Aloha"? The red-lettered signs say "Keep Out". This is a big deal, in Hawaii... this conflict between Hawaii's "Aloha Spirit" and the resentment locals ("Kama'aina") feel toward tourists and other people putting pressure on Hawaii's resources.

You can see more of professional mural artist Luke Atay's work at Warning to teachers: some of his work at that site is not what you'd call appropriate for young kids' eyes. However, people who appreciate tessellations will probably also appreciate Mr. Atay's many excellent ambigrams (words that can be read forwards or backward in a mirror, or upsidedownward, or backsideupinsidedownflippedoverward.