Guest Tessellation Art Gallery

Under the Needle tessellation by Tom McDonnell

'Under the Needle'

A tessellation of hexagons by Tom McDonnell.
Tom says "The painting was done in January 2002 for a friend who had a basement that served as a hang out at the time. My friends would take turns mixing tracks on a couple of decks (record players) that were installed in the basement while others listened, chatted, and made art. The tile of the painting 'Under the Needle' refers to the needle of a record player. The view depicted in the painting is of a record player from a point directly under the needle. The basement was dark and cramped with no windows. The idea of painting a window looking out at an other-worldly scene stemmed from the feeling of the basement being like a bunker where ideas somewhat disconnected from our mundane lives were conceived and discussed.

"The design of the window came about through experimentation with a soccer-ball net. It was also influenced by the climactic scene of I think Return of the Jedi where the windows of a starship looking out into space were of a similar design. The view of the record player was constructed using perspective techniques starting with a top and side view that came from diagrams in the manual of the record player."