Cat with Fish Tessellation by Paul Davey

"Cat with Fish" tessellation by Paul Davey, copyright 1995.

Paul says: "I am not a trained artist and have never attended art school, although I did get a BA in Design Studies at Goldsmithís London. I became fascinated with Escherís work as a teenager and started trying to work out how he fitted, so tightly together, the shapes of fish, birds, horses, and so on. I just use good old fashioned trial and error. I use graph paper to sketch and experiment with shapes to see what appears. Once I have a design Iím happy with, I outline the shapes with a black ink pen. Then photocopy it and use to copies to experiment with colour. I used Pantone markers and fine tipped black ink pens for colour and detail. On standard copiers the blue line does not copy so I have just the image to play with."

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