A 3D paper sculpture from well-known tessellation artist Bruce Bilney of Australia

Bruce Bilney's Icosahedron World Map

Bruce Bilney doesn't merely do tessellations. This is an "icosahedron": a 3D ball made from triangles. There are only a very few 3D shapes that you can make by using flat equal-sided geometric shapes like equilateral triangles, squares, and pentagons. These shapes-- tetrahedron pyramids made from triangles, icosahedrons made from triangles, hexahedron cubes made from squares, octahedrons made from triangles, and dodecahedrons made from pentagons-- are called "the Platonic Solids". Well...that's what math teachers, Doctor Who, and A+ students call'em, anyway.

Bruce Bilney has made papercraft kits for sale to kids to make Platonic Solids... both glittery-sided kinds and ones with world maps printed on their sides.

You can see much more of Bruce Bilney's tessellation art at his website, Ozzigami.com.au