Bruce Bilney's tessellation of kangaroos


a tessellation animation of kangaroos from well-known tessellation artist Bruce Bilney of Australia

Mr. Bilney has been doing tessellations for decades. His work is best-known for its Australian themes, correct anatomical proportions, and natural, graceful, biologically correct outlines instead of the blocky, unrealistic, stylized lines favored by many tessellation artists.

There's a history behind this piece of art. Bruce originally named it "Skippy", presumably in reference to the 1967 TV show of that name. He renamed it "Quantum Leap" as a joke response to another animated tessellation, "Quantum Dog", by renowned tessellation artist Makoto Nakamura. Mr. Bilney's original tessellation animation is shown above, in red; my simplified version is below.

Bruce Bilney's tessellation of kangaroos

"Quantum Leap" as Mr. Bilney originally made it and "Quantum Dogs" are unusual because each frame-- each frozen moment-- of those two animations is a valid tessellation. In the gray background of my version on this page, you can see the first of 4 tessellations. Below, you can clearly see each of the 4 tessellations:


You can see much more of Bruce Bilney's tessellation art at his website,