an artistic tessellation of elephants
from well-known tessellation artist Bruce Bilney of Australia

Bruce Bilney's elephant motif tessellation art

On the introductory page to Bruce Bilney's art gallery, did you read that "Bruce has had a few hard experiences with people "borrowing" (pirating) some of his best tessellation patterns without so much as a thank-you nor properly giving him credit"?

The piece at left is one of his most-stolen designs. You can buy it as a plastic tessellation template-- a kids' toy-- on pretty popular mainstream shopping websites, but he won't get a penny from it, and the thieves who made the plastic templates have never given him proper recognition for his work. Check it out: UnitedNow.com/product/759/roylco-animal-tessellation-templates.aspx Do you see the blue elephant on the right-hand side of the photo at below-right?

Experienced tessellation fans will also easily recognise in Roylco™'s templates-for-sale the unattributed but clearly copied tessellation designs of M. C. Escher (red lizard template) and David Bailey (red dog) . Do you see them in Roylco™'s photo below? Also have a look at the turtle tessellation template in yellow, in the top-left corner. It appears as several other artists' and companies' products, such as here and here. I'm not yet sure who the original (unattributed?) designer of the turtle tess was. If you think you might be the original artist/creator of the turtle tessellation design or another theme which Roylco™'s templates are based on, please contact us.

Bruce Bilney's elephant tessellation design pirated by Roylco

Or at Enasco.com's website, as pictured at below-left? (Look for a red elephant near the center.) Or on YouTube, the very first tessellation template shown (a big red elephant, with Bruce's unusual bi-level elephant feet making the identification easy)?

Boreal.com also sells this unauthorized copy of Bruce Bilney's elephant design. Check it out: http://boreal.com/tessellation-animal-template/p/IG0044247/

Bruce Bilney's elephant tessellation design pirated by boreal.com
Bruce Bilney's elephant tessellation design pirated by roylco

I'm very happy to report, though, that Bruce does get some recognition for his work. This elephant design, for example, is going to be an example piece in tessellation creation software that the famous American tessellation programmer Kevin Lee is producing in the summer of 2012. Kevin has also created a wooden puzzle based on Bruce's elephants, and mailed Bruce the puzzle as a heartfelt "thank you" gift. Congratulations, Bruce! I'm sooooOOOooo jealous! Maybe, someday, if I work hard... someone will make a wooden puzzle based on my art.

You can see much more of Bruce Bilney's tessellation art at his website, Ozzigami.com.au

elephant motif wooden puzzle art by bruce bilney handiwork by kevin lee