Ambigrams by Bruce Bilney 2013

by Bruce Bilney

This quick sketch shows several rough drafts of ambigrams by Bruce Bilney. I guess sometimes inspiration comes at you in big bucketsful, like a brainstorm rainstorm.

Starting in the top-left corner, that's "Pat" for Patrick Snels, the tessellation artist and historian from the Netherlands. It's the same right-side-up or upside-down.

In the upper-right corner is an ambigram of the Australian town name "glenelg". This ambigram looks the same forward or backward (mirror image).

In the center is an ambigram for "seth" + "ness" (Sethness): the webmaster of :^)

At bottom-left is an ambigram of "Jonet", for Jonet Ford, an Australian real estate agent and close friend of Bruce Bilney's. This one needs a little more work, since the N in the middle is only reversible up-downwise but the J and F are reversible only left-rightwise. To see Sethness' tessellation-ambigram of her initials (JF), click here.

At bottom-right is an ambigram of Bruce Bilney's initials, BB. To see Sethness' BB tessellation-ambigram, click here.

To see other art (tessellations) by Bruce Bilney, click here. To see other ambigrams by Sethness, ones that are also tessellations, click here.