Ambigram of initials S B by sethness (seth bareiss)
reversible symmetry: Ambigram of THAILAND by Sethness


This ambigram, like the others I've done so far, is simply the same word written so that it looks the same forward or reversed (mirror image). Some ambigrams-- the more clever ones-- show opposite or related words when read forward or backward, or right-side-up and up-side-down.

I gave this ambigram of "THAILAND" some of the feeling of Thai art and architecture by giving the T's and D's tops the signature curving horn shape seen on Thai roofs. The onion-like shape above the L is supposed to resemble a symbol I often see in Thai royal art, Thai Airways, and in the SCB (Siam Commercial Bank) logo.

~~ Seth Bareiss June 17, 2012