Ambigram art by Seth Bareiss

Ambigram tessellation art of the name NICOLAS by Alain Nicolas
Ambigram tessellation art by Alain Nicolas

by Alain Nicolas

This ultra-clever ambigram is also a tessellation. It reads "Nicolas" in both positive and negative space: that makes it an ambigram, though most ambigrams are a word written purely in positive space, but written in such a way as to make it reversible or appear to be a different word when seen in a mirror or upside-down. Alain Nicolas's piece, here, also fills the 2d "plane" of the page without gaps or overlaps, which makes it a tessellation.

Alain Nicolas is a master of both ambigrams and tessellations. His book, still only available in French, shows many examples and gives lessons in how to create both. Read my review of his tessellation and ambigram book, "Parcelles d'Infini", here.

~~ Seth Bareiss June 17, 2012