how to make platonic solids

a first-time tessellation on the surface of a dodecahedron
Click here to see fantastic artwork by Geoffrey Hutchins

by Jose

This is Jose's first attempt at a Star Wars™ "Death Star". Oh, wait... wrong introduction. This is Jose's dodecahedron, made from 12 paper pentagons glued together. Notice that the stars are made of pentagons and triangles, and that the light blue corners are rhomboids, and that to complete the tessellation there are green bars that slide from one facet to another. This is real artistic genius. Although M. C. Escher made animal-shaped tiles famous in the 20th century, in 2011 Jose has rediscovered the beauty of geometric tessellations like the ones at the Alhambra in Spain.

Click here to see how Jose made his splendid  death star  dodecahedron tessellation.