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COMING SOON: Tessellation art from Ms. Willa 's class in Villa Montessori elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona. A twice-yearly contest divided into adult-age and kids' categories.. 4 new Tessellation Book reviews telling you all about Robert Fathauer's new do-it-yourself tessellation books. An art gallery of 2D tessellation art that, looked at right, looks 3D. ...And many more tutorials!

NEW STUFF: Webmaster Seth uses TesselManiac software again, this time making a SuperDog (winged dog) tessellation. In school, Toni F. drew a great owl tessellation and Kira K. drew a psychedelic bacteria tessellation. Have these two kids created a new bird flu?? Alert the CDC! Webmaster Sethness shows his latest tessellation of mice and another of birds, made using TesselManiac! tessellation-maker software. A review of $50 speedy PhotoShop/Paint Shop Pro add-on Flexify 2 which does nifty distortions like turning a normal picture into a mirror-ball image. College professor Kevin Lee gives you a FREE COPY of his NEW TESSELLATION CREATION SOFTWARE. The deadline for this free trial copy has once again been extended...this time to April 15th.
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Tessellations here mean symmetric designs featuring animals, toasters, persons, etc, which can fit together in repetitive patterns like simple jigsaw puzzles. These fill a surface, usually a 2D plane, without gaps or overlaps. Brick walls, tiled floors, and the honeycomb in bee hives are all tessellations. You can see example tessellations at the top of every page in this website.

On these pages is information about all aspects of tessellations. We have their history, do-it-yourself tessellation lessons, and galleries of examples by school students, guest artists, the webmasters Seth and Dr. David, and of course M. C. Escher, the pioneer of the art.

This site is a dedicated art site, not requiring much math. Math teachers, don't be forlorn. We do show a smidgen of introductory geometry and quite a few do-it-yourself tutorials. As M. C. Escher said, "Mathematicians go to the garden gate but they never venture through to appreciate the delights within." Let me put that another way: you're missing the fun if you use a microscope to enjoy a merry-go-round. We have a little simple geometry in the lessons and explanations, but nothing as fancy as the serious adults' math-oriented tessellation websites.

If, as a result of your visit, you venture through that garden gate and hop on that merry-go-round, please send us your tessellation art for inclusion in the guest gallery.

TEACHERS - This whole site is entirely suitable for young children.

Yahoo! PicksTessellations.org was Yahoo's 'Pick of the Week' on Feb 15 2004. Since then we've been the top website for tessellations on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. We get between 3,000 and 8,000 visitors per day.

TEACHERS, SCHOOLS, and ARTISTS - This site is actively seeking art, lesson plans, and tutorials from guest contributors. Contact us.

SCHOOLS - Recently, many schools have asked to have their students' artwork put in a school gallery here. Yes, we'd be happy to post your class's tessellations in a "school gallery" on www.Tessellations.org. Here's how you can make it happen.

Posters, Postcards, Jigsaw Puzzles, Mugs, and Magnets We sell reprints of some of Webmaster Sethness's art online through "dA galleries". Click here to visit that online art store. We will try to post a clickable link to the store next to each tessellation available in the store. Those links look like this:

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Please enjoy the site - Seth